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What is Jelly Bean?

Playground rubber mulch brand Jelly Bean is a non-toxic wire-free safety surface. This unique mulch is not made of old dirty tires or from questionable sources of rubber that could contain contaminants, but rather for pure virgin safety tile scraps. These scraps have been tested as safe for kids to play on, and free of things you might find in rubber tire mulch like carbon black, red list chemicals, steel wire, and other things you’d never want your kids to play around.

Jelly Bean Rubber Mulch is the perfect solution for your playground safety surface.

About Jelly Bean

For over a decade Jelly Bean Rubber Mulch has been the premiere provider of 100% non-toxic mulch for playgrounds for America’s finest schools, parks, day cares, and backyard playgrounds. Jelly Bean was developed and continues to be made of recycled safety tiles. This playground rubber is as long lasting as it is soft for kids to roll atop of.

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